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Ukrainian Solitaire

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Ukrainian Solitaire is a variation of Yukon.

How to Play

At the start of the game the tableau is dealt by first dealing cards as in Klondike (1 card to the first pile, 2 cards to the 2nd pile, and so on to the 7 piles) with the top card face up. Then the remaining cards are dealt out to the piles all face up. The first four piles have seven cards, the last three have eight.

Like Yukon, you can move groups of cards in the tableau regardless of any sequence. This means that any face up card, no matter how deeply buried, can be moved by picking it and all the cards on top of it up together. The tableau is built down by suit, except that you can also build a King on an Ace of the same suit.

The objective of the game is a little different than Yukon. Unlike most regular games, you do not move cards up the foundations one at a time. Instead, you build sequences of 13 cards from King to Ace in suit in the tableau. Once such a sequence is completed, you then move the entire 13 card sequence up to a foundation pile and out of play. The objective is to create all four sequences and move them up in this way.

The key to Ukrainian Solitaire is to uncover all the turned over cards and get them into play. Once you can do that, you will win. Therefore you need to choose moves that will uncover turned over cards. It is also quite helpful to create a space. Once you have a space, avoid losing it. Try to map out a sequence of moves where you move something into the space and then move it back out again. For example, an easy two step sequence is to find if there is a card that the top card of a column could be played on. Move all the cards covering the card that can be played on into the space. Then move the column onto the newly available card, creating a new space. With practice you can find longer sequences that start with an empty space and end with an empty space. If a sequence doesn't work out and end with a space, undo back and try something else.

Also, although this is not documented, you don't have to create the 13 card sequences in the form King down to Ace. You can start the sequence with any card down to Ace, then a King, then continue the sequence until all 13 cards of the suit are included. You can then move this sequence out of play.

Ukrainian Solitaire is one of the 850 games in Pretty Good Solitaire.

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