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Order Issues (Windows/Mac)

The answer to almost every order question is contained in the email that you receive shortly after you order. This email contains your registration code, how you enter it into the trial version, and where you can download the game. Please read this email!

Order Support

For order problems and questions >>

Lost Codes (Windows/Mac)

Lost Code

If you have lost your registration code >>

Technical Support

Technical Support

For technical support with problems running our games on Windows/Mac >>

Download or Installation Issues

Download Issues

For downloading or installation problems of our Windows/Mac games >>

Goodsol Contact Form (Windows/Mac/iPad)

For other questions, problems, or comments, use the contact form below. We will try to respond as quickly as possible (most responses are within 24 hours, 48 at most).

Mailing Address

Goodsol Development Inc.
PO Box 9155
Springfield, IL 62791-9155, USA


Thomas Warfield
[email protected]
technical support, general business issues
Anne Warfield
[email protected]
order questions or problems

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