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"Pretty Good Solitaire is by far the best thought out and executed version of Solitaire I have ever used. Its use of fast animation and intelligent movement routines make it a huge success for solitaire players. Also, the variety of cardsets allows users to choose the one most suited to each individual. Finally, the variety of games is absolutely astonishing and sure to be able to please anyone's passion for solitaire."
- J. Stevens

"One of my favorite times to play is in the evening when I'm on the phone with my Mom. She is 78, widowed for 10 years, and she enjoys telling me about her days in great detail. Pretty Good Solitare gives me something to do with my hands, and provides just the right distraction when Mom gets extra detailed. It's not an exaggeration to say that Pretty Good Solitare helps me to be a better daughter!"
- Kathryn B.

"I purchased Pretty Good Solitaire over two years ago and we still play it every day. My children play it, my husband plays it and we're never bored! Just when you think you've mastered all the games they send you an update with new ones. It's the only solitaire game to own."
  - C. Baez

"Who has time for other computer games when you have Pretty Good Solitaire to keep you busy?"
- Deborah T.

"It's addicting! I found nothing wrong with this program and never had a problem. my decisions on which card to play."
- H. Kauts

"The cards are professional looking and easy to see, unlike some other card games I've downloaded."
- Grace

"I love the undo feature (I probably shouldn't admit that), the cards sets are an added bonus that I really ENJOY (along with all the other options: card backs, etc.), the restart feature is great when "undo" just isn't enough (this feature should be available in our daily lives) I guess I should just say that Pretty Good Solitaire is the BEST solitaire games program I've ever seen or used!"
- Sharon T.

"It is the BEST, the very, very Best card game program I have bought, and I have heaps!!! For sheer user-friendliness, playability, versatility, smooth and beautiful graphics, and huge choice of 500 games of all kinds, and the fact that we get regular updates and newsletter emails, it is impossible to beat Pretty Good Solitaire. I play it every day, while waiting "on-hold" on the phone and it keeps me calm and entertained. Since a huge part of my day is spent "on-hold" I honestly believe it is the only thing that keeps me sane."
- Daphne B.

"I tried several solitaire games before I stumbled across yours in Tucows. Yours is the best of the rest and then some. Keep up the good work!!"
  - Sharon D. in GA

"I have used Pretty Good Solitaire 98 and 99 and have enjoyed it immensely. The variety is unbeatable. The game creation wizard is cool. The service provided is prompt and courteous."
  - Carol K from PA

"This is the Rolls Royce of all solitaire programs. From it's very conception it has been a premium package of more solitaire games than you can imagine. Not only does it look pretty but performs as well as it looks. Fast moving & easy to use. The ultimate stress breaker. I've played it every single day since it came out. My hat's off to Tom Warfield & crew for a great product and the wonderful service."
  - Judi W. in OR

"I've been playing my solitaire games now for about 2 years. Just this last month I have had to teach my mother how to turn on the computer so she can play the games. That was ok at the time, but now I can't get to my own computer till late at night when she decides she is done."
  - Kathy S. in Florida

"I am not going to say a word about your programs, as they speak for themselves. However, your prompt and curtious on-line is the best I have ever seen. I lose a registration number, and it is given to me in less than one day. I don't know how to change something in the program, and I get very prompt answers by email. No other company I have dealt with is so great for its customers!"
  - Jerry D. from Connecticut

"I bought the solitaire goodsol 99 from the on line registration page, it is the first time I have bought anything this way. the service was excellent, I was sent the code within a few days and the CD a few days after that. My partner and I are both disabled and have a lot of time on our hands we found the solitaire games completely absorbing and entertaining, my partner has never played solitaire before and now I have to fight to get on the computer to play myself. The standard of the games is excellent how you manage to sell at such a reasonable price is beyond us. The product out does the big games producers by miles, they should be ashamed at the price they charge for below standard games. We hope to go on the high score board very soon, we just want to say thank you for all your hard work it is very much appreciated."
  - Lea H & Sue. in the UK

"After a long search for an innovative approach to "open" solitaire games and specifically a more challenging "Freecell", I have invited all my friends to purchase "Pretty Good Solitaire 99" and the Goodsol Development web-site as the ultimate answer to all of a solitaire player's most stringent expectations."
  - Pierre in Canada

"We have played several versions of Goodsol over the years and love your games. This is the best solitaire program we have found and we have tried a bunch!!"
  - Mary, Queen of Demons and Thieves

"Since buying goodsol, I have spent probably too many hours playing my favourite games. For sheer enjoyment it was certainly money well spent."
  - G. Loft in U.K.

"I have no hesitation in recommending the registered version of Pretty Good Solitaire. With 300 games it has to be great value (check out other solitaire programs in the shops) and we find it a great way to relax. On my one request to the support site I had an answer by email within 24 hours. Long may you continue to provide a great program and service."
  - Keith (Lancashire U.K.)

"I'm on my third version of Solitaire and love it. Your improvements have been just that - improvements, not just changes for the sake of changes. It is the most comprehensive solitaire program available. My fave is Russian Solitaire - it constantly challenges me - although I have played over 3,000 games, I've never gotten better than 5% winning games. But what a rush when I win. Keep up the good work."
  - Carol V from Canada

"There are no short flights out of Australia. The only way I can survive international flights out of Australia is with my Pretty Good Solitaire! There's enough variety and diversity to keep me happily engrossed for hours. Now if they could just install this on all the new aircraft LANs, everyone could enjoy it!"
  - Philip A. from Sydney, Australia

"We have only being playing Pretty Good Solitaire for the past month and my husband and I are addicted. It's better than any solitaire we've ever played. Thanks very much."
  - Robyn & Michael from Christchurch, New Zealand

"I have used both Goodsol98 and now Goodsol99. I have had few problems, those I did have were minor. My main comment is the superb service I have received from the folks at Goodsol. Even on weekends for heavens sake! I just wish other people in the "service" portion of hi-tech were as efficient and helpful."
  - Robert Bates, Washington

"I work in a VERY stressful environment and my biggest and best way to diffuse is to come home, change my clothing and boot up the computer. I love to play Baker's Dozen and have won over 350 games. I also struggle with the challenge of's tough but it always has the desired result of getting rid of the stress of the day and allowing me to regain my focus. I'd recommend anyone to purchase this wonderful program of yours and ENJOY it."
  - Lois A. from Palm Harbor FL

"This is the absolute motherload of solitaire programs. There are so many variations, that if you can't find one to entertain you, then you don't really like solitaire. My goal right now, is to play every game of Suspenseful created. I'll write back in a year or 20 when I finish."
  - Cory B from Virginia

"Pretty Good Solitaire has to be the very best in its field. I have over the years downloaded and tried many, many games of all kinds, and the only one that remains sitting on my computer through all the time that has passed is PGS. I play it constantly; it eases my mind through stressed times, it gives me something to break away from my work concentration with (I am a writer and a creator of graphics for screen savers and themes); it allows my mind to keep spinning in the background developing ideas and concepts while I play, letting me focus without over-focussing (too much focus can ruin a good piece!). When I'm playing, I'm still "working". And yes, my family do say that's just an excuse - but what do they know? LOL!

Thanks for a GREAT, time-proven program!"
  - Jodie H. from South Africa

"It looks good, plays well, and is continually enhanced and updated. Best value for money on the 'Net, by far."
- M. Burke

"The instructions are straightforward and the notes/hints are helpful. I always check the win percentage before starting a new game, just to see if I should expect to win it or not. When I find a new game I like, I think it's neat to play all the "Similar Games" too. There's always something new about Pretty Good Solitaire and the website and newsletter are the best places to find that out. I just downloaded the new Christmas Card set and it's really neat! It's also fun to post your scores on the website and view what other people's scores for different games are."
- Les V.

"I play solitaire when I feel stressed and need to relax and believe me Pretty Good Solitaire is my relaxing pill. I enjoy it so much that I bought the CD from you because I was afraid that something would happen and I would not be able to download it again. I don't believe a days goes by that I do not play. I send the site to all my friends and they also enjoy it."
- Millie L.

"What can I say? I just love solitaire. With Pretty Good Solitaire there is always a new solitaire game to try. Playing Pretty Good Solitaire makes it much easier to understand the rules of a new solitaire game I've never played before. It's impossible to play the game incorrectly, which makes the learning curve much quicker and easier."
- J. Lloyd

"I like that you can back up and that you can restart the same game. I like the variety. I haven't yet repeated a game. The graphics are wonderful and quick. The support is super. I have never, not even once, regretted buying this program. And I 'm glad you added gap, it's like a game I used to play on the Mac."
- Iris T.

"There is such a variety that you never get bored. There is a good mix of challenging and easy.I like the Quests even though I don't always do well on them. I just think it's the best investment I've made in game software, and have recommended it to many of my friends."
- P. Thompson

"The game looks professional, not like arcade games. There are plenty of options to make it interesting. Cards turn over automatically. The variety is endless. Very much like the way you can go back more than just one move. I've had the game for over a year and haven't tried all the games yet. Well worth every penny."
- Colleen

"I think your card sets are absolutely sensational and are a major factor which invokes more and more play. The games are always interesting with so much choice it becomes very hard to shut down."
- Carl F.

"The variation and the difference in the games keep my mind active which is good at my age of 74. I have been trying new games frequently, and this too can be mentally good, though there are so many to get through! You have done a really good job. I also like the fact that one can go back and try a different way of moving the cards."
- P. Smith

"Great selection of games and excellent graphics."
- Jim H.

"I have my favourite games which I have played literally hundreds of times - and sometimes never won at all!! Kingsdown is one !! I'll beat it one day !! I often go to Random and discover games I haven't played or ones that I had forgotten about - I can then add these to my three main groups - Challenge, Mindless and Impossible!!! PGS99 is the game I would miss most if disaster struck my computer !!! - and that includes Ultima Online and Civilization II (the best games of all time!). I expect this makes me a very sad anorak indeed!! I am so pleased that you won the Shareware Industry Award - very well deserved!! All the best to you and the cats!!"
  - Dorothy M. in Hampshire, England

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