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Download and Installation Issues

How to Install

Windows Run the downloaded file, click on the next button thru the standard installation process. To play the game, click on the new desktop icon.

Mac Run the downloaded file. When the install window comes up in Finder, be sure to drag the game icon from the install window to the desktop or Application folder. Then you can eject the game in Finder and click on the new icon to play.

How to Uninstall

Windows Just uninstall using the standard process in the Control Panel.

Mac Exit from the game and move to trash.

Installation Problems

Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 If you are trying to install from one of our older (pre-2007) CDs, the CD menu installer will not work. You need to view the files on the CD and run the "gdsol.exe" file in the goodsol folder on the CD to install. Click here for more information (including instructions for other games).

Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Our games work on Windows 7/8. If you are upgrading a computer to Windows 7/8 from previous versions of Windows, you will need to reinstall the game from the original setup installation file. If the current version is a free upgrade for you (you ordered in 2011 or later), download the latest version. Otherwise, click here to download an older version.

Here are some additional problems that some people encounter while downloading or installing:

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Download and Installation Questions

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