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How to Download and Play the FreeCell Type Solitaire Game

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Sea Towers

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Dear Solitaire Player,

Sea Towers, also known as Seahaven Towers, is an excellent variation of the popular FreeCell solitaire game.

Sea Towers begins by dealing out all the cards into 10 tableau piles (two more piles than FreeCell). Each pile is dealt 5 cards. All the cards are face up. There are 2 remaining cards, which are placed one each in two cells, with 2 more cells that begin the game empty.

My version of Sea Towers in Pretty Good Solitaire or FreeCell Plus allows you to play offline, full screen, with complete undo and my unique right click quick move. It's the best way to play solitaire!

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How to Play Sea Towers Solitaire

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Sea Towers for Windows 10 or Mac!

In this video I explain how to play Sea Towers. Download Sea Towers Now and play along!

The object of Sea Towers is to build 4 foundation piles up in suit from Aces to Kings. The 4 cells are storage places for one card each. Any available card can be moved to an empty cell, and cards in the cells can be moved either back to the tableau or to the foundations.

In the 10 tableau piles, building is down by suit. Only a King can be played to an empty tableau pile. Groups of cards in sequence down by suit cannot be moved together, unless there are enough empty cells that the cards could be moved individually. If you have 2 cells empty, for example, it would be possible to move a group of 3 cards in sequence down by suit by moving the first 2 cards to the cells, then moving the 3th card, then moving the 2 cards back from the cells to reform the group. Since this is a lot of work, you can shortcut by just moving the 3 cards together as a group from one tableau pile to another, as in FreeCell. But if you only have 2 cells empty, you cannot move more than 3 cards together.

Like FreeCell, it is very important to try to keep the cells as empty as possible so that you can move more cards around in the tableau. The restriction of playing only Kings to an empty pile combined with building by suit instead of alternate color makes Sea Towers a somewhat more difficult game than FreeCell.

The overwhelming majority of Sea Towers positions can be won, there are very few unwinnable positions. However, there are a lot more unwinnable positions than in FreeCell.

Variations of Sea Towers

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