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Sir Tommy

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Sir Tommy is a classic game related to Auld Lang Syne.

How to Play

The game begins with all cards in a stock pile. The top card of the stock is available for play on the foundations or reserves.

There are four foundation piles, which will be built up regardless of suit from Ace to King.

There are four reserve piles, which start the game empty. Cards are played from the stock to these reserve piles. The top card of each reserve pile is available for play to the foundations.

The skill in the game is in deciding which reserve pile to put each card. You want to avoid putting higher cards on top of lower cards. Of course, since there are only four reserve piles, this is often unavoidable, but care must be taken to stop from getting blocked when the cards are later played to the foundations.

The game Strategy is closely related to Sir Tommy. With 8 reserves instead of 4, it is easier to play (but the foundation piles are built up in suit in Strategy).

Sir Tommy is essentially the same as Auld Lang Syne, except the player has the choice of which reserve pile to place each card. This makes Sir Tommy more interesting and gives more opportunity for skill.

Variations of Sir Tommy

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