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Signora is a variation of Terrace, also known as Queen of Italy.

Terrace is an under-appreciated game of skill. One of the things that makes Terrace a good game is the rare ability to choose the first foundation base card. This choice makes the first move of the game also the most important, and by making the right choice you can greatly affect your chances of winning.

How to Play

Signora is designed to have all the elements of skill of Terrace, but a bit easier to win.

Signora begins with 9 cards dealt out one each to 9 tableau piles. Then 11 cards are dealt out to form a reserve pile. Cards in the reserve pile can only be played to the foundations, not to the tableau. The remainder of the cards in the two decks then form a stock, which will be turned over one card a time to a waste pile with no redeal.

The 9 tableau piles will be built down in alternate color and the 8 foundation piles will be built up in alternate color (rather than the usual up in suit).

The game begins by choosing the first card of the first foundation pile, which will decide what rank will start each foundation pile. You can choose any of the 9 cards in the tableau, the top car of the reserve, or a card from the waste. You can even turn cards over from the stock to the waste if you like to come up with the right card to start the foundations.

The rank of this first card of the foundations is a critical decision. Cards in the reserve can only be played to the foundations, so you need to choose a card that will allow you to get out as many of the 11 reserve cards as possible as quickly as possible. You need to look at what ranks are in the reserve and what ranks are available to you to play and figure out which one works best.

Once you choose the first card to the foundations, play continues by building on the tableau and running through the stock. Whenever an empty space is created in the tableau, the space is filled by the top card from the waste. This lets you know in advance what card will fill the space. You can use this to your advantage by only creating spaces when the top card in the waste is a card you want to bring down into the tableau.

Signora is one of the 850 games in Pretty Good Solitaire.

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