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What are MahJongg Tiles?

MahJongg tiles are small pieces originally created to play the 4 player game MahJongg. These tiles can also be used to play single player games, just as there are games for playing cards for multiple people or for one person.

MahJongg tile sets come in many different types and have different numbers and types of tiles. There are all sorts of different variations of the 4 player MahJongg game and they differ in the number and type of tiles that they use. Pretty Good MahJongg and this web site are about single player games played with MahJongg tiles. For information about the 4 player MahJongg game and the tiles it uses, see Tom Sloper's excellent MahJongg FAQ site.

MahJongg Tiles

A complete set of MahJongg tiles for single player games

Pretty Good MahJongg can be an excellent introduction to the set of MahJongg tiles and can help you learn the tiles for playing the 4 player MahJongg game.

A complete set of MahJongg tiles for single player games (MahJongg Solitaire) consists of 144 tiles. Among these tiles are:

Pretty Good MahJongg has many different tile set designs available. For a list of all the extra tile sets you can download, see the tilesets page.

What is the tile matching MahJongg solitaire game?

What are the original MahJongg solitaire games in Pretty Good MahJongg?

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