Quadruple Scorpion

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4 Decks.  Medium (10%).  Mostly Skill.



To group all the cards into 16 sets of 13 cards in sequence down in suit from King to Ace within the tableau.



21 tableau piles - build down in suit.  Groups of cards may be moved regardless of any sequence.  Fill spaces with Kings or groups of cards headed by a King.  At the start of the game 9 cards are dealt to each pile.  In the first 7 piles, 6 cards are face down, all others are face up.


reserve (top left, face down) - Clicking deals 1 card to each of the first 19 tableau piles (this can be done only once).




The object of play is to manipulate the tableau into 16 piles, one for each suit, with the cards down in sequence from King to Ace.



Quadruple Scorpion is a four-deck version of the game Scorpion invented by Thomas Warfield.


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