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Action Solitaire

Play 75 Solitaire Games in Timed Rounds

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Works on Windows 10!

Play TriPeaks in Action Solitaire
Play Triple Peaks in Action Solitaire. Download Now!

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How to Play Action Solitaire

  1. Just play solitaire. Make moves to score points.

  2. Your objective is to reach the Goal Score before time runs out. The round is over if your Time Bonus counts down to zero.

  3. When you reach the Goal Score, your score will turn yellow.

  4. You can end a round at any time by clicking on the Take Score button. You will get your score plus any Time Bonus points remaining.

  5. If you reached the Goal Score, you can move on to play another round.

OK, now you are ready to download and play!

Download Action Solitaire Now!

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Play 75 Games in Action Solitaire

Play Hidden Sums in Action Solitaire, one of the 75 solitaire games in Action Solitaire. Play FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Yukon, Golf, Pyramid, and more in timed rounds.

List of Games in Action Solitaire    Lost Code

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